Wednesday, June 15, 2011

unblock website

Cara untuk unblock website yang telah di block oleh SKMM

Senarai Website Yang diblock oleh SKMM:

Megaupload,Megavideo,,fileserve,,,,movie2k .to,, and

click this image to view the original file

preferred DNS :
alternate DNS :

preferred DNS
alternate DNS

5 comm'ento:

Farok Miskin said...

bagi tau SKMM ! haaa !

ShkrHash said...

its normal bro. everyone do that (;

Farok kaya. said...

tak caya ke bangsat? tapi account fb tu aku taktau laaa. haha

ShkrHash said...

haha serious weh. kat fb pun sama -.-

Anonymous said...

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