Sunday, June 19, 2011


A fingerboard or Finger-Skateboarding is skateboarding miniature version complete with moving wheels, graphics and trucks. A fingerboard is the length of 96 millimeters or more, and can have different width as 26mm (normal), 28mm (width), and 29mm and over (extra wide). There are 57mm and 96mm mini cruisers boards.Skateboarding regular and tricks can be done using your toes instead. Most of the tricks done on the fingerboard is the same as people do on a skateboard. Lance Mountain fingerboarding helped develop as a hobby in the late 1970s and wrote an article about how to make fingerboards Transworld Skateboarding's magazine in 1985. ≥ Although fingerboarding is new for many years, they become a collection of toy as skateboard manufacturers realized the potential of brand products and the benefits began in the 1990s ... Fingerboards are now available as an expensive novelty toy and the collection of high-end, complete with accessories that one would find a use with standard size skateboard. Fingerboards also used by skateboarders as 3-D model of a visual tool to understand potential tricks and maneuvers; many users create videos to document their efforts.

Similar fingerboarding, handboarding is a small scale version of a skateboard that control the users with their hands, not just the fingers, while fingers snowboarding uses a miniature version of the snowboard.

now days i addicted with fingerboard!

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