Monday, June 27, 2011


thank you for the birthday wishes. i greatly appreciate all birthday wishes. you guys always meant so much to me. thank you for the cake and dinner. i can no other answer make, but thanks and thanks. loveyou

ps : nak hadiah! hee.

Saturday, June 25, 2011

night life. love it

i often think that the night is more alive and more richly colored than the day. night, the beloved. night, when words fade and things come alive. when the destructive analysis of day is done, and all that is truly important becomes whole and sound again

i loveyou guys.

Sunday, June 19, 2011


A fingerboard or Finger-Skateboarding is skateboarding miniature version complete with moving wheels, graphics and trucks. A fingerboard is the length of 96 millimeters or more, and can have different width as 26mm (normal), 28mm (width), and 29mm and over (extra wide). There are 57mm and 96mm mini cruisers boards.Skateboarding regular and tricks can be done using your toes instead. Most of the tricks done on the fingerboard is the same as people do on a skateboard. Lance Mountain fingerboarding helped develop as a hobby in the late 1970s and wrote an article about how to make fingerboards Transworld Skateboarding's magazine in 1985. ≥ Although fingerboarding is new for many years, they become a collection of toy as skateboard manufacturers realized the potential of brand products and the benefits began in the 1990s ... Fingerboards are now available as an expensive novelty toy and the collection of high-end, complete with accessories that one would find a use with standard size skateboard. Fingerboards also used by skateboarders as 3-D model of a visual tool to understand potential tricks and maneuvers; many users create videos to document their efforts.

Similar fingerboarding, handboarding is a small scale version of a skateboard that control the users with their hands, not just the fingers, while fingers snowboarding uses a miniature version of the snowboard.

now days i addicted with fingerboard!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

unblock website

Cara untuk unblock website yang telah di block oleh SKMM

Senarai Website Yang diblock oleh SKMM:

Megaupload,Megavideo,,fileserve,,,,movie2k .to,, and

click this image to view the original file

preferred DNS :
alternate DNS :

preferred DNS
alternate DNS

Thursday, June 9, 2011


haha once again. selamat maju jaya laaa shkr. i will study and get ready, and perhaps my chance will come. insyaAllah

everyone needs to. so try
senyum sikit (':

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

htc evo 3d

Today our focus is on the Evo 3D which looks like a promising phone we can’t wait to try out. Here are the rumored specs:

✖ 4.3-inch 3D capacitive touchscreen with 960×540 pixels resolution!

✖ 1.2 GHz dual-core Snapdragon CPU

✖ Dual 5-megapixel rear cameras for recording 3D video at 720p — 2D video is recorded at 1080p.

✖ 1.3-megapixel front-facing camera for video calls

✖ 4GB of internal memory, microSD expansion slot (8 GB card comes inside the box).

✖ GPS, Bluetooth and “standard” sensors

✖ DNLA support and HDMI port – for beaming videos to the TV

✖ Dimensions: 5.0×2.6×0.48 inches

✖ Android 2.3

Impressive don’t you think?

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

a major problem

woo rasa macam nak mati tengok timetable next sem -.- full schedule. all day long have to sit all day in college. full of classes during the day and night. mati mati. sakit sakit. rasa nak nangis. ni yang nak kena makan non-stop nih. haih but but

There's Always Next Semester -.-

Saturday, June 4, 2011

the names.

I will give the name when the baby was born in this world. begins with the princess and ends with the zahara. haha like their daddy. I will give my child a name like this one.

comel aite? heee


The signs of when men sulk

1. He will silence all the time. Not the kind of guy women. He sulks very cool. Although you speak a million words even with him, do not hope is he is going to respond back. So, when sulky men are like when we talk to the doll. ding dong!

2. Do not treat the message. He will let it go without any sense of a message to reply. ceh ceh

3. Dour face all the time. This one can make women hurt. Even worse he can make faces. handsome right? hee

4. Smoke a pack of cigarettes. It is very critical woo.

5. Crying. There is also the man who sulks in tears? Its difficult to accept. (for women)

The signs of when women sulk

1. Too lazy to want to respond to the message but also the actual response! well

2. Eating non-stop. shoo cute.

3. Watching tv.

4. Sleep. useless woo!

5. Turn off the phone. -.-

6. Listen to the song.

7. Read the novel. haa then story laa

8. Swearword if it hurt and then ask apology. haha

Friday, June 3, 2011

A Tale of Mari and Three Puppies

Korean : マリと子犬の物語
Year : 2007
Director : Ryuichi Inomata

Writer : Koudai Yamada, Yuki Kiyomoto, Ako Takahashi, Shinji Kuwabara (graphic novel), Kazuoki Ono (graphic novel)

Cast : Mao Sasaki, Ryohei Hirota, Ei-ichiro Funakoshi, Ken Utsui, Akiko Matsumoto, Takehiko Ono, Mao Kobayashi, Masanobu Takashima

The Skinny : Those expecting a tearjerker about dogs surviving the wilderness after a major earthquake may be disappointed that the film is more about the human than the dogs. Nevertheless, A Tale of Mari and Three Puppies features enough cute dogs to melt a dog lover's heart.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Haunted Places in Malaysia

Ever been to anywhere in Malaysia and experienced paranormal hauntings? Curious to know where are the places that you can visit to experience one yourself? The below are lists of Malaysia’s top haunted places that you can, may or even experience ghosts.

1. Georgetown, Penang – A T-junction better known as The Deadly Junction is located beside the Union High School. It is said that if you ever drive through this lonely road late at night, your care will go out of control and crash due to the too many accidents that happened there. It is also said that there is a tiny unknown tree beside the road which looks like a lady carrying a child. The story was known by some old folks saying that this lady was once a bomoh (witch doctor) who kidnapped her sister’s son. Somehow, they never again appeared anywhere except other than being seen beside this road

2. St Michael’s Institution, Ipoh – A group of Catholics missionaries arrived here in 1912 and began building a school next to the famous Kinta River. It did not take long for the missionary brothers who ran the school to have enough funds to erect a huge school building with unique French structural design. When the WW2 broke out, the school was used bu Japanese secret police as their headquarters. Needless to say, there were lots of torturing carried out. The buidling itself had many tunnels which had been sealed off and the tunnels were said to be used by the Japanese to torture prisoners and to store food. Most of the sightings occurs in the Chapel on the fourth floor of the bluiding where a Brother was seen dressed in a black robe holding praying beands in a sitting position facing towards the door (which leads to the brothers quarters) in the very early morning without a head. Those who had witnessed it were asked to keep it a secret

3. Malay College Kuala Kangsar, Kuala Kangsar, Perak – This school is said to be a former site of Japanese occupation camp during WW2. Students would sometimes be awakened by something that stares down directly at them. A marching platoon can be heard in the field and sounds of dragging chains can be heard through the campus corridors. A tree on the campus, which is located right beside a lampost where the light shines down on it, reflects a shadow of a man hanging from the tree! A few other old colonial admin buildings that were used by the Japanese during the Occupation in the 1940s where executions are taken place are buildings like Victoria Institution and Bukit Bintang Girls School

4. MARA Junior Science College, Kuala Kubu Bharu, Selangor – A white flying apparition can be seen in various parts of the building

5. Victoria Institution, Kuala Lumpur – A boys school was tured into a Japanese base during the Occupation. Many British soldiers and locals were brutally tortured to death in the basement and some older buildings on the campus. It is said that not only are apparitions common in the day as well as in the night, there had also been many cases of spirits possessing students. The possessed boys would behave strangely and even violently harming other students and teachers, forcing the stronger teachers and students to restrain him. The possesed boy would only snap out of it a few hours later and remembering nothing

6. Tambun, Ipoh, Perak – Singtings of an old lady on the roadside while driving

7. Tambun Inn, Ipoh, Perak – Lights were reported to turn on and off by itself and sounds of whispering could be heard where no one was around

8. Bukit Tunku, Kuala Lumpur – A spooky place to be even when it is actually one of the most elite residential areas in Kuala Lumpur. This place with its many big and tall trees and very winding roads, has an eerie feeling about it even at broad daylight. It is said that a few years ago two youth embarked on a high speed motorcycle chase around the curvy roads of the area. One of the youth crashed at a dark stretch of the road, which is actually a very sharp corner. There have been claims about sightings of a young man riding a motorcycle at high speed, who mysteriously vanished in the dark

9. Poliklinik Cheras, Kuala Lumpur – Used to be a government hospital but it is being abandoned with no reason. There were rumors that say there are still some dead patients that loiters around the area

10. Genting Highlands Resort, Pahang – A famous hill top resort and casino, many people incurred gambling debts and committed suicide there. Some visitors leaving the hotel lobby reported seeing a man in red jump from the rooftop, just to disappear before he hits the ground. Certain rooms are not available for rent no matter how full the hotel was. Those who have seen the inside reported that it was filled with old Chinese ghost wards. They would subsequently fall sick for days afterwards

11. Highland Towers, Kuala Lumpur – A tragic event where one of the 3 blocks of apartment at this place fell apart due to landslide and heavy downpour prior to that fateful day. Since then, the Highland Towers have become famous for claims of being a very haunted place. Voices of the dead can be heard at night and ghostly figures are said to have appeared at the scene. There are also a story about a taxi driver who picked up a woman passenger at the middle of the night and being asked to drop her at the place.She left a bag and the poor taxi driver found it to be full of blood!

12. Police Station in Tras, Pahang – During the 1950’s, a police corporal and his wife were found in a state of shock and terror after opening their door to an unknown figure. Many police personnel were terrorized by this entity that other policemen would rather resign than being transferred to this remote station

13. Kellies Castle, Perak -Sometimes door are opened themselves and lots of scary screaming voices can be heard.

14. Puchong House, Kuala Lumpur – Evil drawings on the walls. Some say the ghost of a woman who used to stay there haunts the place. Other than that, just stepping into the house is enough to keep you awake for months.

15. S.K (1) Kuala Ampang, Selangor – Could hear taps in the toilet running by itself and sightings of a lady in white walking behind the school compound.