Monday, May 30, 2011

Are You A Blogaholic

Blogging has become the new way of livelihood for many and fun for the idle ones. But there are also people for whom blogging has turned into an obsession instead of being a harmless hobby.

Given below are some real facts that can help you see the real picture and also to justify if you are actually a blogging addict.

You want to blog about every minute of your life, even if it’s just about doing your daily chores.

If your Internet gets disconnected even for a minute, you become anxious and worried.

You start throwing tantrums and blame every single official who is responsible for the downtime.

You take the comments on your blog far too seriously and irrationally.

You feel good and relaxed about the recent article that you posted, but the feeling melts away quite fast as the time for the next article approaches.

The more you write, the more connected and light you feel about opening up your personal life to your readers. The feeling of ‘I am somebody’ spreads over your mind overpowering you of all your real life aspects and bounties.

You give more priority to your laptop than your girlfriend.

You want isolation from the world so that you can be with your computer and blog.Noise annoys you just too much.

People around you and your family complain that you don’t give them enough time; they say you have changed dramatically.

If the answer to all the above is yes, you have a problem far more serious than any virus sitting in your computer. You are a blogging addict. Addiction of blogging can not only take toll on your health and real world relationships, but it can also trickle down to your state of well-being and psychological order.

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