Monday, April 11, 2011

Pathetic Poem

You ask me why,
Why I did that,
And then again,
You said I was lieing,
And didn’t give me a chance.

To say I was sorry,
Sorry that I made your life hard.
For all the decisions I made,
And all that I did harm.

For bringing worry to your eyes,
And grief to your heart.
For all the times I wanted to left in the dark,
For all the times my eyes were clouded,
And I just wanted to take that jump off this earth.

I’m sorry for falling in the dark,
You really were great parents,
It wasn’t your fault,
But I can’t stay in the dark.

So I’m leaving you behind,
Please don’t have grief in your heart.
I will always love you,
So keep me in your heart.

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